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John-Cena-Pictures-2012John Cena is currently the most popular and most famous WWE superstar of the world with millions of fans all over the globe. After the last Wrestle Mania in which John Cena was defeated by Rock, there were rumors that the career of John Cena will spiral downwards. But with an outstanding comeback match against Brock Lestner, John Cena not only proved that he is still the best but also proved that he is not afraid to face anyone in the ring! As every WWE Superstar has a unique set of qualities, so does John Cena which we are going to mention here in the form of a Top 10 list for John Cena fans and lovers.We may skip or miss some but the most common and known qualities of John Cena are listed below. So enjoy and share the list if you are a fan of John Cena so that the famous WWE superstar gets his due appreciation.(Introduction Sentences Source
John Cena with his Father xD A Cool Snapshot xD
John Cena has a great love for his father,and can,t tolerate any bad word about him.Every Dad best quote for his son is I am Proud of my son xD
John Cena Patriotism

Every Person has Great love for his Country and is Patriot of his Country , but in case of John Cena. Whatever comes John Cena Love his Country and Fight for his Country ;)
John Cena support for troops

One of the most interesting things which have seen very rarely before that any WWE superstar has a very deep interest and respect for the soldiers defending his country. 
He Loves them and Kind to them ;)
John Cena respect for his fans

John Cena as a Super STAR of WWE , give much respect to their fans and never discourage them ;)

John Cena fearless attitude


No Matter what ever cOmes , it may be Storm or wind or SEA but John Cena Fight him with Great Zeal and always defeat his victim .he has Fearless Attitude thats why every one is shivering from his attitude.

John Cena strength
JOHN CENA has a PowerFull Body having Cool and awesome style with Stylish Body xD
He can fight with any person for 2 hours . He can rid out the tired time in nano seconds ;)



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